Anysort Products

Anysort 2-5 Stage Intelligent Circulatory Tea Color Sorter with IngaasInfra-Red

The only Tea Color Sorter in the Globe consists with Toshiba (Japanese) 8192 Pixel 4 Color RGBW Full Color Camera. Pioneer in Global Innovation Third Generat...

Refrigerated Air Drier/ After Cooler

Ensure Elimination Of 100% Moisture & Supply of Cool Dry Air to the Valves which Enhance the Life Span of the Valves & Its Performance Level.

Modern Dual Function Isolator Transformer/ Stabilizer

Only unit That Protects the Color Separator against Lightening & Sudden Electrical Surges as well as 

Linghein Screw Compressor

Linghein Compressor Co., Ltd is part of Sweden Atlas Copco Group which is famous and biggest compressor group in the world. Linghein screw air compressor com...

Heavy Duty Air Tank
  • Pneumatic Pressure Vessel for storing Compressed Air for Pneumatic Equipment’s.
  • Decrease Wear and Tear on the compression modul...
Anysort De-Stoner
  • Eliminates all heavy stones.
  • Eliminates all heavy metals.
  • Eliminates all heavy impurities.
  • 0 rejection of good tea.<...
Anysort Dust Suction
  • Eliminates all Blow-out.
  • Various capacities ranging from 3.5 kW up to 15 kW.
  • No rejection of good tea.
  • Low power con...